Julianne Palumbo

I am, sometimes...
a daughter,
a sister of two sisters,
a mother of three,
a wife,
a lawyer,
a soccer coach,
but always,
I am a writer.

I've been writing
since I could.
Words found me as a child,
stories, poems, ideas.
I studied creative writing and journalism in college.
Then I went to law school,
and the words became terse,
and legal.

But recently they returned,
the words that I love,
the soulful and sound-filled ones,
in the form of stories,
and poems,
and novels
in verse.

It is these words
that I write
to share
with you.


Nominated for Pushcart prize for poem "Stuffing Bears"
Nominated for SCBWI Magazine Merit Award 2013
Semi-finalist in The River's Edge 2012 International Poetry Contest

Mothers Always Write

Founder/Editor of Mothers Always Write, a magazine for mothers by mother writers
You can check it out here.

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