Julianne Palumbo

I am, sometimes...
a daughter,
a sister of two sisters,
a mother of three,
a wife,
a lawyer,
a soccer coach,
but always,
I am a writer.

I've been writing
since I could.
Words found me as a child,
stories, poems, ideas.
I studied creative writing and journalism in college.
Then I went to law school,
and the words became terse,
and legal.

But recently they returned,
the words that I love,
the soulful and sound-filled ones,
in the form of stories,
and poems,
and novels
in verse.

It is these words
that I write
to share
with you.


“Sketch of her Nonna” selected for the Wickford Art Fair “2018 Poets and Artist Exhibit” Wickford, RI
“Making Alfredo” nominated for 2017 “Best of the Net”
Nominated for Pushcart prize for poem "Stuffing Bears"
Nominated for SCBWI Magazine Merit Award 2013
Semi-finalist in The River's Edge 2012 International Poetry Contest

Mothers Always Write

Founder/Editor of Mothers Always Write, a magazine for mothers by mother writers
You can check it out here.

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