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The Literary Writer Boot Camp

An online workshop for those interested in perfecting the literary essay.

What makes a piece of writing literary?

With so many websites publishing parenting articles today, the lines between the literary essay and the blog post are often blurred. Many publications publish both. However literary journals seek that pearl, where the language itself is the experience. The story, while strong, takes a backseat to the art of creative writing loaded with well-turned figures of speech that enhance the reader's understanding of the theme. This workshop will help writers learn to write in the literary style.

The workshop will provide: 1) A suggested assignment prompt with an outline of the literary essay; 2) A general critique of your piece as a whole for content; 3) Specific line-by-line edits including explanatory comments; 4) The opportunity to ask editors questions about writing and the publication process; and 5) The opportunity to produce a literary essay on a topic of motherhood and to have the piece considered for publication by MAW.

Check our FB page or www.mothersalwayswrite.com for upcoming Boot Camps.

Work with us to refine your writing!

We'll help you take your writing from an idea to the finished product.


Juli at: palujul@gmail.com

$50/hr. or 3 hours for $120

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