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I love children (that's why I have three) and love to present my books to children and teens and to work with them to create their own poem and writings.

In my novel, Silent, Emma's brother keeps a box of strings under his bed. Each string has a story, like the one he rescued from the purple couch in the Principal's office or the one he saved from his Lacrosse stick that scored the winning goal. Did you every think about how something so simple and useless as a string can travel the world on the jacket of a movie star or win the Kentucky Derby stuck to the mane of the fastest horse? Then there are the unlucky ones that get stuck on the corner of a dresser drawer and are doomed to a solitary life. I love to work with elementary and middle school children and challenge them to find a random piece of string about which to write their own string story. The possibilities are too enormous to be bundled in string!

I am happy to create a writing presentation to highlight whatever ELA lessons you are currently working on with your students.

To contact me, please use the form below. I am located in Rhode Island.

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